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The purpose of the water pump

2023-04-21 return

practical application

Widely used in shipbuilding, oil extraction, heavy-duty machinery, and other fields. In 2008, the production of ships reached 15000 tons, with a deadweight tonnage accounting for 21% of the world market. By 2015, it will become the world's largest shipbuilding country. In order to ensure the normal navigation or mooring of the ship and meet the daily needs of crew and passengers, each ship must be equipped with a certain number of marine pumps that can play a corresponding role. Marine pumps are one of the important auxiliary engines. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of various types and purposes of marine auxiliary machinery and equipment accounts for about 20% -30% of the total amount of marine machinery and equipment. The price of marine pumps also accounts for a relatively large proportion of the cost of marine equipment. In the total cost, marine pumps account for about 4% -8% of the cost of ship equipment. Generally, the procurement of marine pumps for a medium-sized or above ship can reach over 10 million yuan. When it comes to the key pump market, it cannot be said that China has already completed the "West East Gas Pipeline" project, which also requires pump products. At the same time, the country also needs to build other natural gas transmission pipelines, which require a large number of pump products.

Different uses

Water pumps have different uses, different liquid media, different flow rates, and different lift ranges. Therefore, their structural forms and materials are also different. In summary, they can be roughly divided into:

1. Urban water supply 2. Sewage system 3. Civil and building systems 4. Agricultural water conservancy system 5. Power station system

6. Chemical System 7, Petroleum Industry System 8, Mining Metallurgy System 9, Light Industry System 10, Ship System

Source of the article: excerpts from Baidu Baike