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Precautions for using water pumps

2023-04-21 return

1. If there is any minor malfunction in the water pump, remember not to let it work. If the packing of the water pump shaft is worn out and needs to be added in a timely manner, if the water pump continues to be used, it will leak air. The direct impact of this is that the energy consumption of the motor increases, which in turn can damage the impeller.

2. If the water pump experiences strong vibration during use, it is necessary to stop and check the cause, otherwise it may also cause damage to the water pump.

3. When the bottom valve of the water pump leaks, some people will fill it with dry soil into the inlet pipe of the water pump and flush it with water to the bottom valve, which is not advisable. Because when dry soil is placed in the inlet pipe and the water pump starts working, it will enter the pump, causing damage to the pump impeller and bearings, which shortens the service life of the water pump. When the bottom valve leaks, it must be repaired. If it is severe, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

4. After using the water pump, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance. For example, when the water pump is used up, the water in the pump should be drained clean. It is best to remove the water pipe and rinse it with clean water.

5. The tape on the water pump should also be removed, then rinsed with water and dried in a sunny area. Do not place the tape in a dark and damp place. The tape of the water pump must not be stained with oil, let alone apply some sticky substances on the tape.

6. Carefully inspect the impeller for cracks and looseness when fixing it to the bearing. If there are cracks or looseness, repair them in a timely manner. If there is soil on the water pump impeller, clean it up.

Source of the article: excerpts from Baidu Baike